Lost in Space (1998)

Emmy says:
Dated insults and CG, but an entertaining family story for a family. 7/10.

Jeff says:
This movie doesn’t deserve the hate. It was a product of its time, and has the CG to prove it. A fun romp, that had enough nods to the original for nostalgia value. Lacey Chabert’s voice was the thing I found most annoying. I have a soft spot for this movie and enjoyed introducing it to everyone else. I hope the new TV series, out in a couple of weeks, is even better! 8/10.

(Guest Reflection) Erin says:
Great nostalgic movie that I saw when I was 14. It was a joy to share this with my 13 year old. 8/10.

(Guest Reflection) Erin’s daughters say:
Miss 11: It was amazing! 9/10.
Miss 13: It was ok, not my favourite sci-fi (which is Doctor Who) but it was good. 7/10.