The Shining (1980)

Emmy says:
The piercing suspense music is obnoxiously loud and drowns out dialogue at times. It is seriously over used and grating; I found myself covering my ears at times during the film. The characters are thin copies of those from the book, if you hold them just the right way and squint you can see the connection. I’m disappointed in the translation of the characters from book to screen. The ‘shining’ is mostly glossed over and although an integral part of the book seems to just be a convenient hand-wave in the movie. I miss the personality of the hotel itself, the way it communicates with the Torrance family. I feel the film forgets to tell the audience that it’s the hotel itself that’s evil. Disillusioned 2/10.

Jeff says:
The book gave me nightmares when I read it as a young teenager, I don’t mind admitting. The movie didn’t (when I eventually saw it), but I still remember it being a good film. Watching it again this time, I found … it wasn’t. The soundtrack was screeching and over-loud. Shelley Duvall’s portrayal of Wendy was entirely wrong, and Danny was hardly there. It could be the version we watched, but there was so much missing from what was in the book (it was the 119 minute European cut), and yet strangely lots of things added. I love many Kubrick films, but this was terrible. 3/10.