Emmy says:
Visually stunning, not sure that makes up for the lack of story depth. The mutations are beyond beautiful and terrifying and the movie is worth watching for this alone. Watching the movie for the plot will leave you disappointed. 5/10

Jeff says:
I don’t know how to talk about this movie – which is awkward for a review/reaction blog. It was spectacularly shot with amazing visuals. The central story (although quite different from the book it’s based on, it seems) is definitely interesting. It has a unique approach to the idea of the ‘other’ and in those terms, I think it’s possibly the modern-day equivalent of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Specifically, there’s an ambiguity to ‘the other’ that makes it hard to get a handle on the motivation which is part of the suspense. Emmy said to me that she felt detached from the characters and I get that, but 2001 feels the same – so that’s not a mark against it in my book. Tense, with interesting ideas, no punches pulled on the visuals (including realistic violence when needed) and an ending that leaves you with more questions than answers. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while. 8/10.


1 thought on “Annihilation

  1. Emmy’s polarisation is wholly understandable, but I think I’m with Jeff. It’s a textured film that almost demands a second viewing, and Garland’s aspirations to tell intriguing sci-fi stories must be encouraged.

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