Emmy says:
Gorgeous kaiju. Emotional investment build early through social-norm shortcuts let the action start sooner without feeling rushed or detached from the people being followed. Some surprises, like changing direction on who seems to be an important character, leaves you off-balance in a good way wondering what else might happen. A good ride, well done. 8/10.

Jeff says:
Visually superb film with excellently-realised kaiju. Sound and light used remarkably well to build tension and create atmosphere. Unfortunately (or perhaps unsurprisingly) it was the human military aspects that were unbelievable (a bomb that was supposed to so massive that it would kill three kaiju explodes and there’s NO consequences for theĀ  nearby city? yeah, right). People making sensible decisions is delightful to see in a disaster movie, and this had many of them. A worthy entry in the Godzilla franchise. 8/10.