Justice League

Emmy says:
Oooh Shiny! Look at that cool special effect! Just check out the Pec & Panty cam and you won’t notice that the characters are all one note and the plot very thin. 4/10.

Jeff says:
Not as bad as I feared. Not as good as it could have been. The interaction between the characters was engaging and ultimately I bought the camaraderie. Jokes (I’m guessing Joss Whedon’s work) mostly landed. The action was a CGI-fest that didn’t feel like there were any real stakes (isn’t everyone an unbreakable superhuman?) The villain was a zero who was merely a macguffin for forming the team and the antagonist needs to be more than that. While I don’t want my two hours back, I would have been disappointed¬† at the waste of money if I had seen this in cinemas. What’s really noticeable (as Emmy alludes to) is the difference filming Wonder Woman between directors. We actually had to check if her skirt had shortened because of all the voyeuristic shots. We were surprised to find it hadn’t. I prefer Patty Jenkins’ vision to Zac Snyder’s any day. 6/10.