Emmy says:
The content of the book definitely got stripped down for this movie adaptation, only the bare bones survived. How they were executed conveyed the story well. It was not comfortable watching the final act with Cujo at his worst. 8/10.

Jeff says:
I wonder why this isn’t in more lists of good Stephen King adaptions? For a 93 minute run-time, of course things would need to be truncated which means leaving things out (or to the imagination). Honestly, there are things that could have been left out to give more time for other things … but that’s not what they did. Just about everything in the movie (except for something I won’t spoil) is straight from the book (or close enough to it). Essentially, this was Cliff Notes on screen. The dog handling was amazing, and the use of ‘Cujo-view’ to avoid having the dog-actor at risk was masterfully done. 8/10.