The Shawshank Redemption

Emmy says:
I like how dialogue was taken directly from the book for this film. The condensing of characters (like the warden) streamlined the film for audiences. The use of colour (restricted to browns, blues and greys inside, compared to outside) was excellent. A very nice film. 8/10.

Jeff says:
I have always loved this movie. There are liberties with the source story – some simplifications for the sake of time while others involved very different story arcs for those characters. There’s nothing wrong with that – and it helps keep the suspense for those who had already read the book. I consider this a great adaptation of a King story despite this. I found myself noticing for the first time the absence of background music – the real quiet was palpable at key moments. Well acted by all, and Darabont’s direction was outstanding. 9/10.