Emmy says:
It’s a pity I saw the trailer before the movie, because I’m curious as to when I would have picked up on all the different personalities. I want to know more about the Horde. I was definitely along for the ride, but that was because the acting was driving (the story was in the back seat). I just wish the film generated more of an empathetic response. My rating is only this high because of James McAvoy. 9/10.

Jeff says:
This movie was worth all the hype. A Shyamalan/Blumhouse film almost sounds like it shouldn’t work, and yet it does – amazingly well. Most of this comes down to James McAvoy’s incredible performances (since he had many roles). Sadly, the rest of the cast were almost disposable – while they also acted amazingly well, they weren’t well serviced by the script. I sense, watching this, that the world-building (I can’t spoilt that now, can I?) at the end was tacked on … I feel the film would have ended better with McAvoy’s last scene. Still, hyped for the next film in this world. 9/10.