Emmy says:
I’m really warming to the smart home of the future and the portrayal shown in this movie. Eron was a great reclusive young man and the acting showed this more than the script. Grey stole the show for me, the emotional facial expressions drew me in, but the physical acting was amazing. The creative use of moving camera shots really added to the feel of the story. 9/10.

Jeff says:
Something for the technophiles AND the technophobes in this one. The world this story inhabits is much more interesting than the story itself, sadly. Recognising that this is from Blumhouse and one of the people behind the Saw franchise starts making sense about half-way through – this isn’t deep, but it’s well made (for the standard small Blumhouse budget) and the cinematography and fight co-ordination were incredible. The acting was also ‘realistic’ (for the idea of a quadriplegic embedded with a computer processor moving for him). 8/10.


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