Emmy says:
I get streamlining the story to fit a movie time frame, and the adjustment of characters to fit the altered timeline and plot, but squishing Christine until it’s basically a 2-D scribble of the original has made this movie flat and dull. The characters have been stripped to a single characteristic and pushed to the extreme. There has been no effort made to convey the sense of unease Christine creates. Would love to see this remade by someone who actually cares about the source material. 3/10.

Jeff says:
It’s fairly obvious that (as reported) John Carpenter’s heart wasn’t in this one – which is a tragedy because I think he could have done a lot with this story. Sadly, this version is a bad Google Translate of the Cliff Notes version of the story. Plot points and personalities are conflated for no good reason, there’s no building of dread around the car and there is WAY too much ‘tell not show’ which is always bad. We loved the book so much we rushed to watch this as soon as possible after finishing … I wish we hadn’t. Fortunately, the book was so good that the memory can’t be ruined by this film even though it tried. 3/10.