Movie Marathon Film 1 of 9, thanks to Palace Cinemas‘ $5 Movie Week.

Emmy says:
A wonderfully uplifting film that shows the lovable side of provincial archetypes. I’m impressed with the characters interactions and the genuine kindness shown. Laughed and cried. 9/10.

Jeff says:
I didn’t know, going in, that this was an adaptation of a 1923 play that already had a well-known (in France) film made in 1951. It shows, in the way it’s a quaint timeless romp (set in the early 50’s). The characters are all lovable (except the antagonist), and despite Knock’s moral flexibility you feel that he genuinely cares for his ‘clients’. There was one misstep towards the end with a heavy-handed visual metaphor that was badly done with CG (I think), but otherwise an excellent – if predictable – film. 9/10.