Pet Sematary

Emmy says:
I didn’t find this film scary or suspenseful, and I don’t think that was because I already knew the story. Stephen King pruned his book into a screenplay that kept all the relevant information but I feel that it needed more time or fewer elements. This would allow time for the audience to stew on what might be coming instead of constantly being feed the next sequence. 6/10.

Jeff says:
Once again, a problematic transition from story to screen. All the elements are there (although there’s one strange change that conflated two characters in a way that didn’t do either justice), but it’s like a clip show – the connection between them isn’t there. With no time (it’s 103 minutes long) to build the suspense, the payoff is underwhelming. There’s a remake in the works, set to be released in 2019. It will be interesting to see if that version manages to avoid the pitfalls (given audiences are more willing to accept longer runtimes these days). The effects are dated, but serviceable. 5/10.