Power Rangers

Emmy says:
Fun and adventure without leaving town. Distinct characters that were interesting to watch, though had plenty of scope for development. Some great camera work. 8/10.

Jeff says:
So I watched Film Joy Media’s Deep Dive on this film, and it made me want to watch it. Like us, they seem to want to enjoy movies – even if they’ve been given a bad name. I remember thinking the trailer for this looked cool in a cheesy way – but then, that’s what the Power Rangers were: cheesy. Created to sell toys, like GI Joe or Transformers, what should we expect? This film had surprising heart, and an excellent moral of being there for each other regardless of differences. The conversations were realistic, the behaviours believable. The fight scene at the end was pure old-school Power Rangers with a shiny new coat. This is not Shakespeare, but it was pretty darn good. 8/10.