The Mist (2007 Film)

Emmy says:
People really react differently to fear, this movie displays a variety of emotional responses. An extremely well adapted version of the novella, which left out a plot point, to its own benefit and with a different end to the story which feels like a punch to the guts. 9/10.

Jeff says:
This film is rightly considered one of the great Stephen King adaptations. Darabont’s direction is once again on-point (he also directed The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile). Darabont knows how to make Stephen King’s material work for the screen – and he does it not by insisting on faithful translation but rather by using what works best on film in the time allowed to tell the same story in a slightly different way. The changed ending is brilliant (and King-approved), and the other changes simplify and clarify in a way that King’s over rambling tales struggle with. Unfortunately, some of the excised material makes motivations seem less realistic because we don’t understand the place they’re coming from. This leads to some decisions that I question being made. However, as Emmy said, people react differently to fear – and this was well demonstrated. 9/10.


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