Smokey and the Bandit

Emmy says:
There’s fun, laughter, and equality in spades in this! 9/10.

Jeff says:
In memory of the passing of Burt Reynolds (I presume that’s why, anyway), Netflix had Smokey and the Bandit available. I remembered loving this movie, but it had been years since I watched it – how does it hold up in a much more PC world? For a film released in 1977, it’s very modern. Still lots of fun, relatable characters, great dynamic between Reynolds and Sally Field. It’s great to know that some movies are still awesome 40 years later. 9/10.

(Guest Reaction) Marion says:
A very enjoyable film with lots of cars getting wrecked. 9/10.

(Guest Reaction) Bruce the Loquacious says:
It was really good. 7/10.


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