The Domestics

Emmy says:
I found that I had put down my knitting repeatedly throughout this movie, that’s not a normal occurrence. I was impressed with the individual qualities of the various people in this story. Tyler has wonderful facial expressions that convey his internal monologue succinctly. Hooked to the end. 9/10.

Jeff says:
A gritty survival ‘horror’ film, this movie has an interesting meta-narrative about the psychological reactions to world-changing events. When society breaks down, seeming for good, what do you do? No punches are pulled with the violence, which is realistic but not gratuitous, this movie is an amazing feat. Some balance issues due to skipping from one set-up to the next (with apparently nothing happening in between?) and some characterisations lack explanation. Still, when you feel deeply for a character who has literally two words in the film, you know something is done right. 8/10.