Crazy Rich Asians

Film #6 of the ‘we forgot to go to the cinema’ movie weekend. We were going to watch McQueen and found out we were too late … we didn’t want that to happen for the other movies on our list.

Emmy says:
A love story with riches that gets the socialites bitchy. The highs do have their lows and the characters are colourful. 9/10.

Jeff says:
An enjoyable, if somewhat predicable, rom-com who’s main point seems to be that being super-rich doesn’t make you a better person – you have to be a better person already. While not hugely revelatory, it was effectively done. There were characters I was sure were going to turn heel who didn’t, and some who I thought were lovely that weren’t. Even with the appalling excesses of the super-rich there were people who I was happy to see more of, and that’s almost all you can ask for in a movie like this. While there were wreckers, the movie had no real villain, and that was to it’s credit as well. A lot of fun, and the music was awesome. 9/10.


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