Rosemary’s Baby

100 Movies before we move: #2

Emmy says:
This film horrified and sickened me. The characters (apart from Rosemary) were terrible people and I felt her helplessness and fear. It left me devastated and emotional. Watching this was not a pleasant experience, but it was a powerful one. 10/10.

Jeff says:
This movie is a classic for a reason. I have seen it before, but it had been a while. I feel bad that I didn’t warn Emmy that it would have an impact on her. The film starts slowly and you wonder why it’s a horror movie – and then things just start not feeling right. The creeping paranoia grows and the coincidences become too much – and that’s even without the dream sequences. I’ve learned a lot of things since the last time I saw this movie, what ‘gaslighting’ is for one, and there are aspects of this film that are more disturbing now than they were before. The ultimate climax was a bit forced, but that’s Ira Levin’s writing for you. Not as good (story-wise) as the Stepford Wives, but more horrifying. 9/10.