100 movies before we move: #9

Emmy says:
My ears! The audio in this film really is something. The voices seem to be overdubbed with recordings that don’t match the speed, the music is often abruptly cut, and the heavy breathing. Well I think that’s supposed to be breathing. The film doesn’t skimp on the blood. 4/10.

Jeff says:
Cecil from Good Bad Flicks rated this quite highly in his review, albeit only for its genre: exploitation slasher horror. While he’s not wrong, there is so much that’s bad about this film that it becomes farce. I understand there’s a different soundtrack for some versions so it’s possible that we watched an inferior version. Given the number of voice acting credits on IMDb, I’m not so sure though. Some of the special effects were done well (while others were terrible), but the acting, dialogue and score were woeful. Having said all that, I’m wondering what a proper remake with a decent budget would look like? 4/10.