Bad Times at the El Royale

100 Movies before we move: #10

Emmy says:
Going in to this movie I was disappointed with how much the trailer had spoiled. I was completely surprised by what actually happened. The writing, direction and casting come together in an almost magical way, set on a backdrop of stunningly curated music. The story grabbed me and I loved the way it was presented by different views. An absolute must see. 10/10.

Jeff says:
I have been looking forward to seeing this since the first trailer. The style was incredible to look at and I wanted to know how the film worked. Like Emmy said, the trailer was actually misleading – the story it seems to suggest isn’t actually what we got. What we got was so much better. The cast was brilliant, the late 60’s vibe was on point. The music was amazing – and that included times when it was Cynthia Erivo singing without musical accompaniment (wow, can she sing). Writer/Director Drew Goddard (who’s only other feature film directing credit is Cabin in the Woods¬†which he co-wrote with Joss Whedon) has decided me on seeing anything he directs. This neo-noir thriller is worth everyone’s time. 10/10