Pulp Fiction

100 Movies before we move: #12

Emmy says:
A colourful and varied ride through the underside of life. Rich characters and a non-linear timeline made it a real treat watching pieces come together, all with an epic soundtrack. 10/10.

Jeff says:
Pulp Fiction is a classic for a reason (for those that appreciate this sort of movie – I realise it’s not for everyone). Emmy hadn’t actually seen it, so that needed to be fixed, and I’m thrilled that she enjoyed it as much as I do. This was one of the first movies I remember seeing where the soundtrack was as important as the rest of the film (and I therefore needed to buy it). The action, acting, and cinematography – even 24 years later – holds up amazingly well. The inter-connecting but disparate stories admirably validate the title. Still one of the best Tarantino films. 10/10.


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