The Seagull

100 Movies before we move: #15

Emmy says:
A walk through melancholia with just enough highs to illustrate the low you are visiting. A great cast support this Russian story and bring terrible life to the humanity within. 8/10.

Jeff says:
This is not the movie I was expecting. I am aware of Anton Chekhov, but I didn’t know The Seagull at all. The trailer intrigued and the cast looked excellent … and that much was true. However, this is a story of thoroughly unlikable characters who don’t notice how damaging their actions are to the people around them. Everyone is so self-absorbed (none more so than Irina, played amazingly by Annette Benning), they even talk AT each other rather than with. I can’t say I enjoyed this film, but it was very well made and the cast did a superb job of making me hate their characters (which I think was the point?) 7/10.