I Kill Giants

100 movies before we move: #16

Emmy says:
The imagery presented is shadowy and distorted, yet beautiful and morbid. A gripping tale with an artful script that doesn’t over indulge. This is a director worth watching. 9/10.

Jeff says:
This was not the movie I thought it was going to be from the trailer I saw quite some time ago. I’m not sure I was ready for this – I spent most of the movie struggling with the premise and wondering when the other shoe would drop (are there giants or is she just mentally unwell?) … but that’s not what the movie did. Instead, this film turns out to  be about something completely different and much more devastating. Solid acting, and the pay-off is quite powerful. It’s just unfortunate that the main character is just so abrasive and unlikable (without us knowing why) for too much of the story. 7/10.