Halloween (1978)

100 Movies before we move: #18

Emmy says:
Good use of steadicam for long POV shots. Good use of ‘peek-a-boo’ is he there/isn’t he shots to build tension and suspense. Excellent use of just-off-screen killing to allow imaginations to do more than special effects could. 8/10.

Jeff says:
The movie that essentially created the slasher genre, the final girl trope, Jamie Lee Curtis’ career, and became the benchmark for so much of ‘modern’ horror. This movie is definitely all of those things. By today’s standards it’s fairly tame, but the music still works; the tension is palpable; and Curtis’ Laurie is a worthy final girl who tries to do everything right – and is rewarded for it by surviving (although she could have turned more lights on). This is the sort of horror film I like – they don’t need to be bloody to be good. 8/10.


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