Halloween 5

100 Movies before we move: #22

Emmy says:
Another wonderful performance from Danielle Harris, I definitely enjoy watching this young Scream Queen. Loved the work by the costuming department. The story fell a bit flat for me. 7/10.

Jeff says:
This followed 4 the same way 2 followed 1, and again it worked well. Not set over one night, though, the action is suspenseful (or tries to be). On one hand we see what looks like an over-reaction by the police to follow the vaguest hint from a little girl … but it’s Loomis, who has turned into a crusader, that they believe: because he hasn’t been wrong. Fair enough, and still so different to most other horror films. Overall, though, this movie suffers from middle movie syndrome – there has to be set up for the next film (hello boots) while having to follow what was done in the previous film. A tough act that i’m not sure came off exactly as intended. 7/10.