How the Grinch Stole Christmas

100 Movies before we move: #27

Emmy says:
Visually appealing with costuming and sets creating the perfect setting for the work of Dr Seuss. Great uplifting moral message delivered at the end. Unfortunately, I think I’m just too ‘woke’ to enjoy this: the bullying, discrimination and rampant consumerism is extremely uncomfortable to watch. 6/10.

Jeff says:
This was an odd one. No, we’re not giving in to early-Christmas-itis. This was a recommendation (and loaned DVD) and we wanted to make sure we returned it promptly. I’ve not seen this movie since it came out, and it’s clear that it’s still ‘The Mask’ style Jim Carrey. With a short children’s rhyming book as inspiration, there was a LOT added to fill out the running time … and intentionally or not, watching in 2018, there’s a very subversive thread in here: the Whovians are actually not especially nice. I don’t remember condescension, bullying and sexism being part of the story. Max (the dog) is probably the best part of this film. 6/10.