Bohemian Rhapsody

100 Movies before we move; #31

Emmy says:
I sang and cried my way through this. A massive reminder of how much a part of my childhood Queen was. I miss you. 10/10.

Jeff says:
This movie had such a troubled production – I could write an entire article on it, but others have done it already. As a result, I didn’t have high hopes – I knew the music would be killer though. Even though I see where the dramatisation happened, and where the drama was amped-up for story, I was blown away. The band looked like Queen, they sounded like Queen. The music left me a weeping puddle. The recreation of Live Aid at Wembley Stadium was something to behold. Can Rami Malek have the Best Actor Oscar and Lady Gaga Best Actress? Two movies with incredible music, in a row, being much better than I dared hope. This was far superior to A Star is Born (2018)¬†though. 10/10.