Pacific Rim: Uprising

100 Movies before we move: #34

Emmy says:
I’m glad this didn’t take itself too seriously as I doubt it could stand up to the first. Having said that the style employed allowed for taking a back seat and enjoying the spectacle, no matter how predictable parts were. 7/10.

Jeff says:
Big dumb rock-em sock-em film. Expect that and you’ll have a good time. The problem with movies like this, Transformers, and superhero movies … is you need the spectacle (meaning buildings toppling) but too many people ‘at risk’ and you’re going to seem heartless. Batman vs. Superman ended up in an abandoned port area; Transformers just destroyed cities; Next Gen had the fight be ‘robots’ (so it wasn’t ‘life’ at risk). Here, “everyone” evacuated to underground bunkers so it was ‘fine’ to destroy Toyko. I happen to disagree – Tokyo doesn’t deserve the number of monsters trashing it in films. Still, this movie is not the stylish del Toro film the first one was. It followed the path of Aliens: bigger, sillier, with an obnoxious kid at the centre of it all. I’m not sure I buy a 15 year old building her own Jaeger without being noticed, sorry. It was fun though. 7/10.