100 movies before we move: #33

Emmy says:
The Beauty of this movie is in the sets and costumes. The story didn’t take me where the trailer had me expecting, still it was enjoyable and satisfying. Jump scares galore, though used against the protagonist and not the viewer, definitely gave me a new perspective of them. 7/10.

Jeff says:
I’m not sure what I expected this movie to be, but it wasn’t this. This is not a bad thing – the movie was rather well done. It reminds me a lot of Crimson Peak, but that could just the be the similarity of ‘haunted house period drama’. Sets and costumes were fantastic, the cast was excellent (lots of Australians, weirdly, but it was a co-production with Screen Australia). I could have done with less jump scares – it got to the point of being boring – but there were some excellent moments too. The story worked, but the movie dragged a little. 7/10.