The Lobster

100 Movies before we move: #41

Emmy says:
Uncomfortable and monotone. 4/10.

Jeff says:
What on earth did we just watch? This was recommended to us, and I’m not sure I understand why – it was strange and unpleasant. Good actors delivered lines with no emotion or range, so it must have been a deliberate choice on the director’s part. Was it to represent how numb people are to life when they’re forced to find someone to partner with? Is this film about how we’re all still alone even when we’re not? I’m not sure. Some movies over-explain … this one did not have that problem. A narration that is stilted and doesn’t make sense as a story-telling device still makes no sense as a story telling device even when we find out why it was delivered in the way it was. I like the idea, and the commitment to an aesthetic, but this was hard to watch at times.  6/10.