#100Moviesbeforewemove: #43

Emmy says:
It’s radical! A live-action transformer that looked and acted like pieces of metal, and yet conveyed such a range of emotion without the ability to speak. I loved the Autobot / Decepticon fight sequences: so much action and collateral damage that enhanced the realism. So much fun! 9/10.

Jeff says:
This is the live-action Transformers film I’ve been waiting for! This had everything I wanted to see, and more. The fan service is delightful but subtle – as with all good fan service, it adds to the enjoyment if you get the reference without ruining the experience for those who don’t. The acting from the humans is on point. The direction for the fight sequences was epic – AND you could actually follow it! Michael Bay could learn something here. Without a doubt, this is my favourite live-action transformers movie – and might even top the 1986 animated film (but that has a lot of nostalgia value making it hard to judge). 10/10.

My colleagues at work gave me a cinema gift card as part of my farewell present (they know what works for me). This is what we spent it on – and it was definitely worthy. Thank you, guys.