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100 Movies before we move: #45

Emmy says:
Great monster concept. I’m not sure it was done justice. The story was well told, but the suspense and anxiety were not transferred to the audience. The end doesn’t feel like a good choice for the story. Enjoyable 7/10.

Jeff says:
I have questions. I’m not sure how easy it is to run through a forest, or row on a river, when you’re not allowed to see. I get that a cloth blindfold gives you light/dark recognition … but I expected a lot more falling over. This movie tried to convey the tension caused by fear of the unknown by not explaining anything to the audience. This meant some developments weren’t earned by the narrative (not even a hand-waved justification). An interesting concept, although it suffers a little coming after A Quiet Place. Good acting from most of the cast, but fairly predictable. 7/10.