IT (2017)

100 Movies before we move: #46

Emmy says:
Masterfully realised characters by actors I’m eager to follow the progress of. Amazingly detailed sets with a great attention to 80s aesthetic. The horror of the monster was beautifully translated, with a stellar interpretation of the book. 10/10.

Jeff says:
We saw this in the cinema, but that doesn’t mean we can’t watch it again! This time, after reading the book (via Audible) more recently, things stick out. The changes to the story are more noticeable, but they still don’t detract from it. The characters are all well done, even if a 134 minute running time doesn’t give enough space to develop them all properly. The effects are excellent and the sets are incredible. An instant classic, and deservedly so, I can’t wait for Chapter Two. 10/10.