Cold War

100 Movies Before We Move: #49

End of 2018 Movie Madness: #2

Emmy says:
Filmed as a series of moments throughout the lives of the two main characters, this movie takes us on a 15 year long journey. The black and white film and the 4:3 screen ratio keeps the focus of the audience on the purpose of the moment. The director has used reflections in many scenes to exquisite effect. The music and singing are potent and transport the audience through emotional wastelands. 8/10.

Jeff says:
I do not quite know what to make of Cold War. It is a beautifully shot film; and the culture, songs and dances are amazing; but I struggle a little with the story. Too much is left unsaid. The writer and director created this as a tribute to his parents (who the main characters are based on), and the love is clear even as he acknowledges they are flawed. Worth watching even if I felt like I needed more explained. 8/10.