The Fifth Element

100 Movies before we move: #54

Emmy says:
The costumes are my favourite part of this film, evocative of a different world. The characters are wonderfully defined and acted. A fun jaunt through the perils of world devastation. 8/10.

Jeff says:
I have always loved this movie. The action, the story, the jokes, the killer soundtrack … even Ruby Rhod. I think, when it came out, it was when I first discovered the idea of a designer being recognisable for the type of look they create (Jean-Paul Gaultier in this case).  There is so much to love here, and Movies with Mikey has even suggested that it’s a better Die Hard movie than some of the official Die Hard movies. While it has aged a little in the 22 years since it first came out, it’s still fun to revisit – and not just for the Diva Dance sequence. 8/10.