Mary Poppins Returns

100 Movies before we move: #59

Emmy says:
Magical! Practically Perfect in Every Way! I absolutely adore this movie and believe that it’s better than the original. 10/10.

Jeff says:
So, as I pointed out in our review of Mary Poppins, I don’t have the nostalgia wave to ride for this movie. I thought the first was a wreck of a story pasted around a series of set piece musical numbers. This movie is the remix of the same idea – but they’ve got the story down better and modern technology has improved the look and theatrics available. This is an amazing spectacle that looks like what they wanted the original to be, but couldn’t pull off. The call backs are not on the nose, and the new numbers play to the strengths of Lin Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt. The costumes were incredible, the songs delightful, and the story was much more serviceable … but were we really there for the story? 10/10.