Mile 22

100 Movies before we move: #61

Emmy says:
Absolutely amazed at the combat sequences in this movie, they are choreographed in realistic detail and use unique techniques. The direction and editing of those sections let down the skill that’s on display, shaky cam is not necessary when the fighting is frenetic already. Story line is a bit weak and I feel like the payoff was cheap, massively enjoyed the fighting. 8/10.

Jeff says:
Quite a lot to like in this film – excellent fight scenes (both hand-to-hand and gun) showing realistic damage and improvisation. Unfortunately the cinematography, story, and obvious set-up for the start of a series let it down. Too many movies are made with the hope for a sequel. The world this takes place in is enough for a sequel – this story should have been more self-contained. The ending, setting up the sequel, let down the movie by being a whimper instead of a bang. 7/10.


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