The Purge

100 Movies before we move: #62

Emmy says:
Brilliantly sinister, Rhys Wakefield is a marvel to watch. Nice gore effects, weak storyline. 7/10.

Jeff says:
This is a movie (and franchise) I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch. I’m not a fan of gore and jump scares for their own sake (I want something more intelligent) – and that’s the sort of thing I’ve associated with Blumhouse. With recent offerings like Happy Death Day and Get Out I’ve been re-evaluating – and this movie has received a lot of praise in some quarters.

While, at heart, a home invasion film (with good effects for the budget) there’s a larger story that is both very intriguing and at the same time under-served by this film. If there’s going to be a bigger story then it needs to be more than a framing device at the start and end. Then again, that’s also what the sequels are for. Good acting, good action, let’s see what the rest of the series is like. 8/10.