Emmy says:
Brilliant performance from James McAvoy, I am astonished at his physical performance. Wonderful piece of narrative backed by an emotive soundtrack. A definite Must-See (as long as you’ve watched Unbreakable and Split). 10/10.

Jeff says:
I have to be honest – I struggled for a while with how I felt about this movie. It was an interesting premise with engaging, well acted, characters – James McAvoy is once again incredible – but something nagged at me the whole time. I think it was mostly Sarah Paulson’s doctor who I spent most of the movie thinking “how hard do you have to work to deny something so obvious?” After the movie, however, I had another problem: this made me like Split less. As it’s own movie, I loved Split – just as I did Unbreakable all those years ago – but trying to shoehorn them into one story made me retrospectively dislike the film that didn’t seem like a superhero movie when I watched it. If this was the plan all along, then I think it was a disservice to the previous movies. If it was the product of an afterthought while making Split, then it should have stayed a thought. Also, once again, M Night Shyamalan doesn’t seem to know how to end a movie. 8/10.