Emmy says:
Watching this movie is living the childlike joy of getting a new comic. An absolute pleasure with great looking ugly monsters. Highly recommend. 10/10.

Jeff says:
I wanted to see this movie the moment I knew Zac Levi was playing the ‘adult’ Billy. Then I started hearing that it was actually really good and I got even more excited. Guess what? It was even better than the very high hopes I had! While feeling like an old-school (read: pre-MCU) comic book movie, there’s a heart and sense of fun to this movie that makes it better than just about anything else in the DCEU (which it qualifies to be part of) and even a lot of the Marvel films. The trailer does a remarkable job of NOT giving all the best bits away, which is to be encouraged and congratulated. Like others, I don’t want to say anything to spoil the movie … there were genuine (delightful) surprises in this, even for me. I’m so happy this film got made. 10/10.