The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

To celebrate Towel Day … 

Emmy says:
A wonderfully detailed universe brought to life. Absolutely love this company of actors and their interpretations of the characters. 9/10.

Jeff says:
I have every version of H2G2 – books, radio plays, TV series and this movie. I understand that some fans feel this movie does not do the material justice, but I feel they forget: this was written first by Douglas Adams, and the major changes were HIS idea. Adams once said that each version of the story is different because if you want a specific version go watch/listen/read that version. He suggested they were parallel universes where something similar, but not the same, happened to similar people. I describe this movie as the version where there’s a somewhat happy ending and a love story. Why not have that in one version? H2G2 can be rather anarchic and depressing in places – so a version with an uplifting message is welcome. The attention to detail on the little things, specific references that only those who have read the books will get, are a treat (and do not diminish the experience for people who haven’t). The actors are universally excellent, and I will always be happy to watch this movie – I’d rather that, than worry about if other fans think I’m right. 10/10.

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