The Tommyknockers

Emmy says:
I enjoyed this adaptation from book to screen, although I felt the lack of home made devices (there was a lot more in the book than the handful shown here). The cast were great at realising the characters and looked good in green. As there is a large amount of ‘in the head’ process at the end of the book I expected the ending to be changed. Not entirely happy with the route taken. 7/10.

Jeff says:
The changes from the novel are mostly understandable, and most are based on things referenced in the book. The characters (apart from Gard and Bobbi) were not really all that well-rounded on the page so, instead of a lot of cameo inventors, the film focuses on a core group. This is understandable, but it loses some of the impact. Given what the book describes, I imagine this was also the best compromise with early 90’s effects (the green was perfect, though). I’m interested to see what the remake does, given the people involved. I would like to see the philosophy from the end of the book explored more. Entertaining, but the epitome of early 90s King adaptations. 7/10.