Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Emmy says:
This movie is ridiculous and leans into it full-tilt. The opening sequence is beautiful with the POV character. The banter is rapid fire and pointed, and left me laughing. The music was awesome. Great story with physics from another universe. So much fun with vehicles and weapons while still including heart. 10/10.

Jeff says:
This is dumb fun. The franchise has turned into a parody of itself at this point. Strangely though, it works. The action is spectacular, and wholly unbelievable: literally, I do not believe that half of what I saw is actually possible. Some of the tech choices baffle me, as an opponent could be just as formidable without what we were actually shown as “guidance”. If you want an augmented human, watch Upgrade, this was a let down on that front. Once again for this franchise the villain is where this movie is let down most, but once again it doesn’t really matter. This was a riot from start to finish and had some truly epic sequences regardless of issues with reality. 9/10.