From Dusk Till Dawn

Watching this cult classic again, thanks to being reminded by Ryan Hollinger.

Emmy says:
Complex characters with stunning visuals. Love how the plot gets hijacked and everything goes crazy. There’s a lot of depth to this movie, as well as a lot of blood and body parts. Definitely a great watch. 9/10.

Jeff says:
I loved this movie when it first came out, I love this movie now. Interestingly, there are still things I notice now that I missed previously. There is a lot to unpack for a simple grindhouse film, if you’re in the mood to, but it’s also delightful on a straight-forward visceral level. It’s been years since I last watched this, but I still remember most of the dialogue. The music is sensational, and the effects even stand up to today’s lower budget grindhouse effects. Just great fun, in every way. 10/10.