The Faculty

Emmy says:
These characters give the first impression of one note stereotypes, yet they are shown to be complex and nuanced throughout the movie. I really loved the use of the camera focusing on characters not involved in the conversation going on in the scene. The effects hold up after 20 years. Packed with some real gems 8/10.

Jeff says:
This is one of those movies I saw when it came out and am now showing Emmy. It’s not original, but it’s good fun. Like From Dusk Til Dawn (another Robert Rodriguez film) good characters, interesting angle on a classic formula, and good humour mixed with the gore makes for a great time. So many now well known actors in this movie, all looking so young! The main takeaway for me this time was how effective the music was at building dread and tension … the cover of Another Brick in the Wall at the start, in particular. Deservedly a cult classic. 9/10.