Emmy says:
This movie was unfortunately very familiar and uncomfortable. Margot Robbie showed the emotional turmoil of being in that situation perfectly while in Roger’s office and later on the phone to a friend. The director did a magnificent job of showing what happened without the film resorting to voyeurism. Very well executed. 9/10.

Jeff says:
There is undoubted veracity to this film. It is a testament to their attention to accuracy that the only quibble (I understand) from the women portrayed is that one conversation (with a composite character) didn’t actually happen … and yet needed to be there to make the point it did. Very well acted, and amazing casting all around to get close to the famous faces represented. Even for those who followed the stories at the time, this is a compelling drama … and hopefully it can contribute to helping eradicate this sort of behaviour. 9/10.


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