Emmy says:
I found this movie very slow and not really engaging. The costumes are spectacular. The special effects have aged and the rubble of damaged sets looks weightless and paper mache like. Even with a huge amount of world building from the books being left out (I have not read these) I was able to follow easily enough. 6/10.

Jeff says:
I have always loved this movie. It made me want to read the books … and I did, and went on to read ALL the books including the prequels and pre-prequels. David Lynch considers it his one failure, and fans of the books (mostly) seem to hate it for having too little of the story in it. Interestingly, this time around I found it a little slow – I don’t remember feeling that way before (perhaps I was sensing the mood described above). There is so much here that I love and remember fondly, I guess I forgot about the slow bits in between. A good example of telling instead of showing, but there’s so much in the source material that’s internal it’s hard not to. It will be interesting to see what Villeneuve does with the remake. 7/10.