Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Where can one go in isolation? Into space, of course. Watching all Star Trek in order. We’ve watched the Original Series, and the Animated Series, now onto the movies …

Emmy says:
This film is extremely self indulgent with so many long shots of the Enterprise and space. A light story delivered at a slow pace that seems to be reliant on nostalgia. Pretty and enjoyable. 8/10.

Jeff says:
It is hard to believe this film would ever be made today. In fairness, it wasn’t – the ‘Kelvin’ timeline took a different approach. Quite breathtaking how a soapy action science fiction series led to this action-less exploration of the human condition via a non-human intelligence. So much left unsaid. So many long takes devoid of dialogue but rich in reaction. An extremely weird movie, but sort of fitting for the first. 7/10.