Star Trek: Nemesis

Just after Star Trek Day we wrap up the movie franchise with the last outing for the Next Generation crew …

Emmy says:
So many parts of this movie are great but the cohesion is missing. Wonderful exploration of Picard and Shinzon, yet the Data and B-4 dynamic was woefully lacking. Amazing design and implementation of the Scimitar, and bizarre showing off of the new vehicles added to The Enterprise. I’m not sure how I feel about this movie, though I am wondering about the status of the Romulans after the governmental meeting. 7/10.

Jeff says:
I enjoy all the movies, and wasn’t ever as “against” this one as some fans were. There were a lot of strong elements … and you could see even then that Tom Hardy had greatness in his future. Sadly, this film didn’t serve the characters as well as they deserved. Having watched an “all the deleted scenes” video, I wonder what the thought process was … all the character work was left on the cutting room floor! Unusually, this is a movie that could have done with being longer. 6/10.