Emmy says:
A glorious mess of insanity. Many cool bits and convoluted choreography that was very entertaining to watch. Nolan certainly had fun. 9/10.

Jeff says:
This movie is an example of spectacle over substance. There’s also a little more than a whiff of Nolan’s pride at his own cleverness that isn’t really deserved. Full disclosure: I missed around 20 minutes near the start because our ‘little intern’ was being a bit loud, but I don’t think I missed anything of substance and it didn’t mean any of the plot elements were lost on me. The hook of this film is interesting, and executed faithfully in parts, but there are so many obvious flaws or pitfalls that were just ignored or hand-waved over. The set pieces were excellent, and one particular event that features both early and late in the piece was actually a delight even when clearly telegraphed. Acting was good, casting was top shelf, no expense spared on the visuals … but I was left underwhelmed by the narrative being told (or not told). 8/10.